Christmas Day 2015

I have noticed the rims of the glasses look dirty, so I checked the cupboard in case we have any visitors. Only found one wine glass looking particularly suspect, so I put it out for washing up, as T does that.

Found it on the draining board this morning, still with a wine-stained rim. So I asked T if he wouldn’t mind re-washing. Or I’d do it. He fretted. He was especially careful to wash rims of glasses. He pointed to our scouring cloth. “I always do them with this!”

Head desk.

“I’d prefer it if you used this,” I pointed to the rough side of the gentle washing pads we have. “Glasses tend not to take to scouring. It’s better to use that for pots and pans. that’s what it’s designed to do – get that sort of dirt off. It won’t make good contact with glass.”

He still frets. “Where did you find it? It can’t have been washed.”

“It was on the draining board.”

I get out of his way as the kitchen isn’t large, and return to the computer. He comes up the stairs. “I’d like to be certain we’re talking about the same draining board.” (Yes, we only have the one) “Is it the one with the container for cutlery?”

“Yes, darling.”

“Well, that’s extraordinary! Was it upside down? If it wasn’t upside down, it wouldn’t have been washed.”

“Yes, darling. It was upside down.”

“I really don’t understand! I wash everything.”



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