Cold Water

Today found T about to enter bathroom with kettle. That means he’s boiled water to wash in. I was busy fixing his mobile phone, which took all of yesterday. I abandoned that to ask about the water, sensing a new problem.

“I ran it,” he says. “It’s cold.”

“Do you mind if I try?” I ask, which he agrees to. He’s right – the water is cold. I head for the airing cupboard, which houses the boiler controls.

“Don’t worry about it now,” he says. That’s one of those statements that does not translate, for me. Am I meant to put it on a to do list? might as well do it now. I check everything and find the electricity switch for the central heating/hot water control has been turned off. T, of course, has no idea how that might have happened.

“Darling, you sometimes open the door to the airing cupboard before you have a shower. What do you do in the airing cupboard when you do that?”

We used to have a system of turning on the shower pump before having a shower, but that ceased a year ago. So I’ve put this behaviour down to seeking to turn on the hot water, forgetting there is no need to do so, anymore.

“I don’t do that.”

“Yes, you do, darling.”

“No I don’t. Anyway, I wouldn’t switch that off.”

I do hope we don’t have an infestation of pixies. 😉

[Later note – T accidentally turned the switch off when he was hanging wet clothes in the airing cupboard. It was during his struggle to reinsert the vicious drying frame. He’d crap with figuring how to put things back together and wouldn’t notice the click of a switch in the general mayhem.]


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