Bio: I'm an author, living with an author (what an unholy combination!) Unfortunately, I also have another income, as writing doesn't pay. J K Rowling is a very rare exception. I write paranormal thrillers. Have you never heard of the Wyrdwolf series? Racy, sexy crime thrillers where the mischief comes from magic and the sleuth is a werewolf. You can buy them on Amazon. Take a look at my website http://www.were-wolf.com. I live in a small cottage that was once part of a stable block to a manor house. We're in a particularly rural part of the UK. In Herefordshire, on the border of South Wales. if you've never visited this part of the world, I recommend it. No big towns, lots of countryside. Good food and cider. Idyllic. Like so many, I began my pagan life as a sort of pop-wiccan. Things became increasingly complex after that. The one constant is that I continue to study the mythology and folklore I read avidly as a child. And write it into my novels. There's always something more to learn.

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