Bio: I'm an author, living with an author (what an unholy combination!) Fortunately, I also have a day job, as writing doesn't pay. J K Rowling is a very rare exception. I write paranormal thrillers. Have you never heard of the Wyrdwolf series? Racy, sexy crime thrillers where the mischief comes from magic and the sleuth is a werewolf. You can buy them on Amazon. Take a look at my website http://www.were-wolf.com. I live in a small cottage that was once part of a stable block to a manor house. The house is now a hotel, and giving instructions to delivery vans to find us is a nightmare. Don't even mention satnav! The cottage is in a particularly rural part of the UK. In Herefordshire, on the border of South Wales. if you've never visited this part of the world, I recommend it. No big towns, lots of countryside. Good food and cider. Idyllic. No jobs, of course - so I commute over the border into Wales to work three days a week. Like so many, I began my pagan life as a sort of pop-wiccan. Then first degree Gardnerian. Then I walked and becamse a Heathen (Asatru). But, unusually for a Heathen, a witch. I continued to study the mythology and folklore I had grown up reading avidly. So my witchcraft is more what we call Traditional in the UK (not to be confused with BTW in the States, which is what we call Initiatory Wicca over here! Confused, or what? I've been a polytheist for years. And now I've returned to being a practising Gardnerian. But still a Heathen. Now there's confused! 😀

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